The Walking Dead Season 9 Story to Take a "Quantum Leap Forward"

Morgan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

For a while there, it seemed that Lauren Cohan might not be back in Season 9 as Maggie, but the Season 8 finale was quite clear that Maggie will have a major part to play in the next stage of the series.

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that The Walking Dead season 8 felt like the final, gasping breath of a show on its last legs. I'll be honest, I really wanted Eugene to have been aligned with Negan, but it turns out that Negan's judge of character is as awful as ever.

In the season finale of The Walking Dead, the Saviors' storyline was finally wrapped up as the characters went head to head one final time. For those who don't know, the Whisperers from the long-running Walking Dead comic use similar poles to mark their territory. Unfortunately, his journey soon brings him into contact with John, who's eager to make friends and tell Morgan about his lost love, Laura.

Eugene and his bullet-making skills are vital to the Saviors' efforts in their forthcoming war with the Hilltop team, which is set to take place in the finale, so he will be truly unnecessary after that. The character is dead, and now, we are on the brink as of right now of All Out War. This hesitation from Negan would make a lot more sense if the show cut some of the filler that keeps this story barely ticking along for more than an episode of the two sharing some common ground. Unsurprisingly, she begins with the Hilltop's former leader, Gregory - executing him by hanging for his endangerment of her people.

"It's just vengeance up until that point and in the moment that he says, 'The kid didn't know a damn thing, ' he realizes where he's about to go and what he's about to become".

Instead of harboring all of these negative feelings toward Negan, both Daryl and Maggie need to learn to let go.

"He said that out loud and heard the words that he said", Gimple explained.

"I never wanted this".

They likely won't get it. For example, when she kills a Savior and sends him in a box to Negan, she thought she was demonstrating her strength, but in reality, she was just sinking down to Negan's "eye-for-an-eye" level. "Cause that's not gonna happen, '" Dillahunt quips.

"I'll just say that the show evolves in a huge way". It was before Eugene was taken, we had had that storyline.

So, what can we make of this synopsis for Episode 2? They plan on having him rot in a cell for the rest of his life, where he cannot only witness how they rebuild society, but where he will serve as a symbol of a better future, aka, one where it doesn't have to just be about killing and hate, but a return to mercy, law and order, and a more maintainable civilization. Luckily, her price doesn't involve murder or any other shady business - it turns out that Al is a journalist, and she's collecting stories from the survivors she meets. I still don't see any real reason why Carl had to die to justify the ending of the season.

This post contains spoilers from the Season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, entitled "What's Your Story?" Some things we know about John: he has a romantic streak since he was reading a romance novel by his fire and is searching for a lost love named Laura; he's a source of handy supplies like clean socks and sweets; he's a postapocalyptic gunslinger although he prefers not to kill people, a stance that Morgan has also readopted.

TV Time has put together a list of shows that The Walking Dead fans have show they're going to watch or usually do watch while waiting for the next season of the zombie apocalypse series. They'll be dealing with things we haven't seen them deal with before and dealing with each other in ways that we haven't seen before.

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