Amazon is bringing Alexa to the workplace

New Amazon Echo devices on display in front of the Seattle Space Needle during a promotional event in Seattle on Sept. 27

"We also look forward to helping new and existing developers create innovative Alexa experiences for customers by expanding the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service to Australia and New Zealand". The voice that will reply you will actually be from Nolan North, the voice actor of the Ghost in the game, and it has over a thousand custom responses. Amazon has quickly capitalized on its lead in the industry, launching a slew of new Alexa devices, including screen-equipped versions for the kitchen and bedroom.

"In the workplace, shared devices can be placed in common areas for anyone to use, and workers can use their personal devices to connect at work and at home".

"Voice is the first disruption that will happen driven by the capabilities of deep learning tools", Vogels said. Discover it for yourself by asking, "Do you like ribs?" or "What day is it?" and seeing how Alexa responds.

There are also more practical uses for Alexa in a work setting, such as changing the temperature in a particular conference room or turning the lights on and off. Manufacturers including them into the software of their products will be able to allow their devices to be voice-controlled by Alexa.

Its voice-activated assistant has become the most popular for home hubs and has been integrated into televisions, cars, home appliances and other devices.

The Alexa for business also provides an opportunity for the enterprise to access the business information outside the office or on their phones using Alexa app on their smartphones.

By building their own Alexa skills, companies can easily voice-enable the workplace, and let Alexa help with common everyday tasks like providing directions to people's offices, finding open meeting rooms, checking relevant transportation schedules, ordering supplies, reporting building problems, or notifying IT of an equipment issue.

"Once you're used to a more natural way of interacting with your environment, you won't go back", Vogels said, walking attendees through the evolution of user interfaces.

From four different sources, it has been confirmed that Amazon will announce Alexa for business, along with the set of initial partners that have developed specific "skills", or apps for practical business use cases. "This is how you will unlock a much larger audience for the systems that you are building".

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