'Overwatch' Deathmatch: Two new Arcade modes released on PTR

Overwatch is adding Deathmatch modes

Overwatch has been an objective-based shooter since its launch past year, but that hasn't kept fans asking for traditional deathmatch modes.

Overwatch's Deathmatch game modes will go live on the PTR today, August 10, and will enter onto the live servers at a later date.

Two brand new game modes are coming to Overwatch's Arcade mode, and they're about as classic as you can imagine-Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Blizzard is giving deathmatch a chance in Overwatch. This mode will feature eight players trying to reach be the first to reach 20 kills. But in Team Deathmatch, there's a catch: Mercy resurrections will take kills away from your kill count, so you're going to want to shut that nonsense down in a hurry. This means players won't rage at you for being Hanzo or Widowmaker all the time. Kaplan, however, said the Arcade mode - which is all about changing up the Overwatch formula in fun ways - is a ideal course of action to introduce something like deathmatch.

"We've made several modifications to many of these maps (including restricting play to a specific area and developing a special respawn system) when playing in these modes", Blizzard added.

Kaplan also explained some of the maps have been modified to accommodate the two game modes, and a new map was made exclusively for Deathmatch. The map is home to Widowmaker, following her civilian life and lore of the character and her family estate in France. Deathmatch has a way of drastically de-prioritising both of those things. In the video (which you can check out above), Kaplan explains that he "didn't think (deathmatch) was right for the game" originally due to the team's focus on objective-based play but that the Arcade came along and changed all that.

As a reminder, the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event just kicked off earlier this week.

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