Consider President Trump's tweets to be 'official statements,' says Spicer

This might not matter if he weren't also the sitting president of the United States, vested with all the powers that accompany the office.

Trump insisted on Tuesday that his phone is a direct link to the American people, and criticism by the mainstream media is an attempt to stifle his message. With that in mind, a software developer in Missouri has created a new bot that transforms Trump's unhinged social media rants into the official statements they are.

What a president says and does is news-particularly when a president talks about what he's doing, has done, or plans to do.

Though we can't deny that we derive a lot of amusement (and content) from Donald Trump's penchant for early morning tweetstorms, we're also fully aware that they are one of the least presidential behaviors of The Least Presidential President of All Time. The bot was inspired by Pat Cunnane, a writer and former White House press aide, who reformatted Trump's response to the London attacks in a tweet that's since gone viral. WIRED magazine today reports "the Knight First Amendment Institute, an offshoot of the larger Knight Foundation that focuses on protecting First Amendment rights in the digital age, argued that when Trump blocks people on Twitter, he's violating their right to free speech". Among independents, the share of voters who said Trump tweets too much was up 22 points, to 70 percent; 82 percent of Democrats agreed, up from 75 percent in December.

It recently came to light that almost half of Trump's 32 million Twitter followers aren't real people but fake egg-bots that the president may have bought to bolster his image. Trump misquoted Sadiq Khan, who had told citizens not long after the attack they should not be alarmed if they saw an increased presence of armed police in the area. As the daughter of an immigrant from Iran, how can I not be livid when I see tweets boasting about a travel ban that would entail barring my family from coming or leaving the US?

Other tweets are complaints about how Democrats have been slow to approve his people, a plan to reform the nation's air traffic control system and accusations that USA courts are slow and political.

DAVIS: There was a legitimate belief that the president might stop tweeting now because now he's president and that you can't do that as president.

That tweet, Comey told the Senate, prompted the now-private citizen to instruct a friend, Columbia Law professor Daniel Richman, to share with The New York Times the contents of contemporaneous memos he had written describing his interactions with the president. "Formatting them as such gives them the gravity they deserve".

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