AMD and NVIDIA May Be Preparing Graphics Cards for Cryptocurrency Mining

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In the face of PC graphics card shortages what are AMD and Nvidia going to do for their long-term loyal PC graphics card customers? Remaining AMD graphics cards have seen a significant price increase.

The strong demand is spreading to older graphics cards as well. A lot of alternative currencies can still be mined with regular graphics cards. Things cooled down for a while as Bitcoin values fell sharply in early 2014, using GPUs become uneconomical for many, and objective built ASIC systems came to the fore.

Now there's rumors that both AMD and NVIDIA are working on cryptocurrency-specific graphics cards that would not include display connectors, so you could just buy a handful - or boxes of them, and throw them into mining rigs.

Ethereum miners are gobbling up every powerful graphics card as soon as it hits the market in order to generate the second biggest cryptocurrency. According to our sources, these cards, unlike normal editions, would only have 90 days warranty. AMD is planning to redesign its entry-level 400 series graphics and Nvidia also plans to release GeForce GTX 1060-100 GPU for mining. Separately, Apple Inc. said at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday that AMD's GPU technology will be used in its new iMac Pro. Bitcoin is up 160% this year and this is not the first time that cryptocurrency has increased demand for GPUs.

Although related demand is mainly for graphics cards, some motherboard vendors are aggressively pushing motherboards designed for Bitcoin mining, hoping to ride on the train.

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